The 2018 Points Race will be divided into 3 sections, each culminating with a major championship.   Points will be calculated, as they were in 2017, in a manner consistent with the Fed Ex Cup on the PGA Tour.  Check out the Season Format section for details on how many points are available at each tournament.  YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE POINTS RACE.  All players who are inside the top 10 of the points standings entering a major will be eligible to win a bonus ($1000 for pros and $250 gift card for ams).  The player inside the top 10 who has the highest finish in the major will receive the bonus money.  While each major will determine the winner for that portion of the season, it will also kickoff the points race for the next series and be worth major points.  Points reset at each major for the next portion of the season.  Keith Hills Golf Club (June 9-10), River Landing Golf Club (August 4-5) and Lonnie Poole Golf Club – NC State University (October 20-21) will be the host venues for this year’s majors.  We feel this format will provide more excitement to the season format and a give a everyone a little extra something to play for!