• The Coastal Players Tour is open to any professional or amateur golfer looking to gain tournament experience in a competitive environment.  That being said, we suggest that amateurs carry a single digit handicap to be competitive with the rest of the field.
  • All 2018 Tournaments will be 36 Holes and have a GUARANTEED MINIMUM $2000 1ST PLACE PRIZE,  based on a field size of at least 15 professionals
  • There will be a Professional Division and an Amateur Division on the Coastal Players Tour in 2018.  While the course setup is the same and both divisions will play the same set of tees, players will be paired with only other competitors in their own division.  The top 33% of each division will be paid out.  Sample payouts can be seen in the Payouts section.  
  • Amateurs are paid in the form of Visa Gift Cards.  
  • Players will compete from back tees with the possible exception of a few holes which may be moved up at the discretion of the tour.
  • There will be an optional $20 skins game for each tournament round.  Players must pay cash on site to participate in the skins game.
  • There will be an optional $50 out of the money pool for the final round of all 36 and 54 hole events in the Professional Division.  All players who are not inside the top 33% of the field entering the final round are eligible to compete.  Players may “double dip” if they win money in the out of money pool as well as play themselves into the tournament money.  Players must pay cash on site to compete in the out of money pool.


  • All 2018 Coastal Players Tour members will participate in a season-long points race.
  • Points will be allocated based on finishing position in each tournament and will be updated weekly on the website..
  • Members who finish inside the top 33% of the field will receive points which are allocated in a similar fashion to the Fed Ex Cup on the PGA Tour.  A sample breakdown of points can be found below.
  • Members who do not finish in the money will still receive 25 participation points.  If a player withdraws from an event during competition for a legitimate reason (health, family emergency, etc…) he will still receive his participation points.  However, if a player no cards without a legitimate reason he shall forfeit his participation points for that tournament.
  • The 2018 Points Race will be divided into 3 sections, each culminating with a major championship. Points will be calculated, as they were in 2017, in a manner consistent with the Fed Ex Cup on the PGA Tour. Check out the Season Format section for details on how many points are available at each tournament. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE POINTS RACE. All players who are inside the top 10 of the points standings entering a major will be eligible to win a bonus ($1000 for pros and $250 gift card for ams). The player inside the top 10 who has the highest finish in the major will receive the bonus money. While each major will determine the winner for that portion of the season, it will also kickoff the points race for the next series and be worth major points. Points reset at each major for the next portion of the season. Keith Hills Golf Club (June 9-10), River Landing Golf Club (August 4-5) and Lonnie Poole Golf Club – NC State University (October 20-21) will be the host venues for this year’s majors.

Regular Events


1st        500   11th            70
2nd        300   12th            65
3rd        190   13th            60
4th        135   14th            57
5th        110   15th            56
6th        100   16th            55
7th          90   17th            54
8th          85   18th            53
9th          80   19th            52
10th          75   20th            51

Major Events


1st        600   11th            77
2nd        330   12th            72
3rd        210   13th            68
4th        150   14th            64
5th        120   15th            61
6th        110   16th            59
7th        100   17th            57
8th          94   18th            55
9th          88   19th            53
10th          82   20th            52